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Why We're Unique

Crayonmaster® stands alone in its unique combination of skills, personalities, and facilities. We blend decades of musical creativity with technical experience in Silicon Valley to help you achieve your creative goals. Our staff is collaborative, talented, and motivated to help you succeed. Our facilities combine state-of-the-art digital equipment with the warmth of top tier analog gear. Crayonmaster® can help you realize your artistic vision with custom creativity.

Love of music brought our staff together and paved the creative path we've walked as players, performers, teachers, and engineers. Combined, we have almost 70 years under our belts as musicians (but who's counting?). We've studied with some amazing teachers, performed live and in the studio, and we've done our share of teaching too. For the past 20 years, we've developed our engineering and production skills, working our way up from basement studios to project studios to our current facility. Through music, we entered the world of high-tech as testers and developers with industry-leading digital audio companies. We quickly came to realize that the "tech" industry wasn't just a bunch of nerds with tape on their glasses: it's a world of highly motivated, creative individuals who dream of things that don't exist and bring them to life. It was in this inspiring, creative enviroment that we learned many important lessons about how best to scope, plan, and execute projects on deadlines and within strict budgets. It also brought us into contact with a whole universe of talented musicians, editors, and developers who are part of Crayonmaster's "extended family." At Crayonmaster®, we bring the creative and technical together to help you get the most from your project.

Crayonmaster® is open-minded, supportive and unbiased. We're a highly colaborative bunch who believe that creativity is maximized when everyone in the room is engaged, focused, and communicating. We foster an environment where it's fair game to try anything and we've learned how to quickly assess an idea without derailing a session. We also know how to quickly but effectively find the right combination of gear to maximize the power of a performance. We believe in learning and teaching, so we encourage comments and questions. We don't believe in "secret formulas," so if you want to know how to do something, we'll show you. What matters to us is that your project turns out the way you want.

At Crayonmaster®, we understand that the traditional methods of creative content production are rapidly disappearing. In the past, if you were lucky enough to live in an area that had a local recording studio, you'd have to scrape together enough money to buy a few hours of time and hope for the best. These days, it's possible to do professional-grade production with low-cost equipment in your bedroom or den. We think that's great, and we encourage it. We also know that there are certain types of "color" that can only come from certain types of outboard gear, microphones, instruments, or nowadays, plug-ins. At our main facility, we have a growing collection of premium microphones, analog mic pres, compressors, and EQs that can give your recording a unique and special sound. We can also breathe new life into your previously recorded tracks. We love digital and analog with equal passion and we've got the best of both. Crayonmaster® is distributed and adaptable: we can work together in person, remotely, or a combination of both. If you thrive on direct interaction and the "studio vibe", we've got a comfortable room, great drums, amps, and guitars, and a tuned control room with world-class monitors. If you prefer to work from home, we'll make the most of all forms of communication, including face-to-face, phone, email, instant messaging, and audio/video chat. We can acommodate most any work style.

We founded Crayonmaster® because nobody was doing things quite the way we thought about them. We've suffered through projects where the creative juices ran uncontrolled into a sinkhole of wasted time, and we've survived projects where the quest for technical perfection flourished at the expense of creative spotanaiety. What we've learned over the years is that realizing our artistic and technical visions isn't a "right-brain" or "leftt-brain" thing -- it's a "whole brain" thing. We use this "whole brain" approach to identify and solve creative problems. If you're struggling to accomplish your artistic vision on a budget, we can streamline the process and help you focus your efforts on just the right tasks. If you tend to over-think your creations, we can help you loosen up and create from you heart. "Custom creativity" means we're here to help you tell your story -- the way you want it to be told.